Chess With Josh Moss

Lessons in Dauphin County, PA area


Playing chess enhances one's cognitive functioning, decision-making ability, and can be used as a means to foster social growth. Scientific study shows that learning and systematically studying chess helps young students in a variety of ways, including improving their grades, improving their reading comprehension, focusing better, planning ahead, analyzing options, abstract thinking, and considering multiple options. Learning and playing chess helps people of all ages and of all developmental stages to understand and appreciate actions and consequences. Chess teaches you to consider the game from not only your perspective, but the other person's as well. Playing chess, and other brain-stimulating games, has been shown in scientific studies to reduce the probability of dementia onset, and improve cognitive functions in adults as well! All of these benefits have led me to my current goal.

I teach chess lessons as a tool for people with learning  and developmental delays for their own personal growth. I teach in the Washington, DC Metro area, and have helped many students become more thoughtful and aware of their decisions as they progress from beginner to intermediate chess lessons. I am glad to take on new students, and I view it as an opportunity to help another individual on their personal growth journey.





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