Chess With Josh Moss

Lessons in Dauphin County, PA area

I am a chess player, coach, and tutor living in Rockville, MD. I played competitively in high school in Pennsylvania, and was the first seat at Daniel Boone High School, where Richard Jokiel was my coach and mentor. When I went to college to get a BA in Psychology, I stopped competing, and played only for fun. In 2015 I moved to Maryland and started coaching chess at local elementary and middle schools in Montgomery County and the Washington, DC area. In summer 2018 I moved to Hershey, PA, and now teach students in the local area here, as well as online. I am willing to travel to teach students in person, for reasonable compensation. I enjoy working with children, and have several years of experience both in volunteer and job settings working with youth and their families. I am so excited to be able to use my knowledge of chess to help young students learn and grow. I also believe that students who have learning difficulties and developmental delays can benefit from playing chess, and this is what I'm focusing on with my private pupils. I teach my pupils the rules, tactics, and strategy involved with chess and help them work through the learning process so they can become competent players and enjoy playing the game.

If you would like more information about references or would like to see my background checks, please contact me by phone or email at (919) 360-4476 or I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you!


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